Polyclonal Antibodies

DISCOVERY® Antibodies is the online antibody catalogue business from Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB).

DISCOVERY® Antibodies focuses on antibody tools for research (in early drug ‘discovery’) and complements our very successful and reliable custom antibody business (www.crbdiscovery.com/antibodies). DISCOVERY® Antibodies are generated against interesting target proteins primarily using peptide antigens our specialty. We are already well known for novel, complex, rare and post-translational modification specific custom-made antibodies and these sought after targets will feature in our DISCOVERY® Antibodies catalogue range.

All primary (unlabelled) DISCOVERY® Antibodies are validated in-house or by experts in the field by a minimum Western Blot analysis and are sold at a known concentration of 1µg/µl in 100µg units.

As we are the manufacturer, if there are any antibodies you would like to see featuring in our catalogue range please get in touch here.

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