About CRB


Cambridge Research Biochemicals is keen to expand its business by forming a number of strategic partnerships. Our aim is to work with small, specialist biochemical businesses and research institutes to help them promote their services and increase their revenues. We can offer these partnerships because we’re a well-established, client-focused business with key strengths in sales, marketing and customer services and experience in successfully establishing partnering agreements.

We look for technically advanced businesses, with talented and committed teams, working in niche areas that have good synergies with our core business. We can help in a number of areas:

  • market exposure
  • product distribution
  • revenue streams
  • access to major pharmaceutical clients

Our partners are both British and international, and include Panagene (South Korea), Chelatec (France), RC-Tritec (Switzerland), Pharmaron (formerly Quotient Bioresearch) (United Kingdom), Fluoroprobes (USA) and Click Chemistry Tools (USA). Through these partners, we are able to offer a number of specialist services, including:

  • click chemistry reagents
  • fluorescent dyes
  • PNA synthesis & PNA products
  • radio-labelling using isotopes

We are always on the look-out for potential new partners. The key things we look for are:

  • complementary business to CRB’s activities – peptides and antibodies
  • high technical competence
  • lack of commercial presence
  • limited selling resource in UK
  • custom services offering (as well as products)
  • research-grade products
  • new to market or niche/improved products and services

If you would like more information or an open discussion, please contact Emily Humphrys, Managing Director and Head of Business Development.

Tel: +44 (0)1642 567182
Email: busdev@crbdiscovery.com