PNA Products

Peptide Nucleic Acid

PNA is a synthetic analogue of DNA in which the ribose phosphate backbone has been replaced by a polyamide chain. PNA can be used in the same applications as conventional DNA/RNA but because of its unique backbone PNA has a number of advantages:

PNA binds to complementary DNA/RNA with higher affinity and greater specificity than conventional oligonucleotides
PNA is more stable than DNA or RNA as they are resistant to nucleases and proteases
PNA can be hydridized at lower salt concentrations than DNA or RNA which leads to higher stringency

These properties make PNA ideal reagents for antisense and antigene applications, and as probes for molecular diagnostics and microarrays.

As UK distributor for Panagene Inc (South Korea) we offer the following products and services:

PNA Telomere FISH probes

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