Peptide synthesis

Spectrum Peptides

Spectrum Peptides

CRB specialises in the synthesis of fluorescently-labelled peptides and antibodies. With licences from leading dye manufacturers such as Thermo Fisher Scientific (Molecular Probes), GE Healthcare (Amersham Biosciences), Lumiprobe, LGC Biosearch Technologies, Licor Biosciences and Atto-Tec, we have the largest selection of dyes available for peptide labelling of any company in the world, enabling us to offer the best dye for your particular application.

Available proprietary dyes include:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific – Molecular Probes Dyes: Alexa Fluor®*, Bodipy®*, Oregon Green®
  • GE Healthcare: CyDyes™*
  • Atto-Tec: ATTO dyes
  • Cyanagen: Chromis dyes
  • LGC Biosearch Technologies: Black-Hole Quencher® (BHQ), CAL Fluor®, Quasar®
  • Licor Biosciences: IR Dyes®*
  • Lumiprobe: Sulfo-Cyanine dyes, Click dyes
  • Fluoroprobes & Click Chemistry Tools: A whole range of structually identical or similar fluorescent dyes in a variety of chemistries and scaleable for easier and affordable Peptide labelling

* Requires payment of a royalty

Non-proprietary dyes: FAM, TAMRA, EDANS, Mca, FITC

For more detailed information, see our Technical section and Dye selector tool.

 Technical excellence

  • Scalability: 0.5 mg to grams
  • Dye can be attached to N-terminus, C-terminus or side-chain of the peptide using amino-, thiol-, or click-reactive derivatives
  • Optimised strategy for synthesis of FRET peptides to minimise background fluorescence
  • ISO9001:2015 certified


Streamlined operation allows delivery in 3 – 4 weeks. Most of the commonly used dyes are kept in stock to ensure rapid turnaround.

Technical support

Upon ordering your peptide, please refer to the peptide buyer’s guide for help on dissolving peptides and their storage. To find out more about peptides see our Technical section.