Peptide synthesis

Pure Peptides

Pure peptidesIn this category, we typically synthesise standard, long or modified peptides.

Standard peptides are made up of naturally occurring L-amino acids (of which there are twenty) and have a length of 6-25 residues. We offer two purity standards: >80% and >95% by HPLC and can synthesise laboratory-scale amounts from 1mg – gram scale quantities. Turnaround is 2-3 weeks.

Long peptide synthesis for sequences up to 50 amino acids long is a more involved route and therefore is more expensive, time-consuming and we would advise technical consultation with CRB for sequence suitability and synthesis strategy.

Modified peptides include cyclisation, phosphorylation, sulphation, methylation, glycosylation and N/C termini modification.

Extensive capability

Our technical expertise is backed up by a well-equipped laboratory containing continuous flow, batch-wise, parallel and multiple array peptide synthesisers and mass spectrometer. These tools provide us with the ability and flexibility to prepare almost any kind of peptide at a wide range of scales:

  • Routine peptides – 1 mg – 10 g
  • Single peptides to large arrays
  • Cyclic peptides – disulphide and head-to-tail, side-chain-to side or backbone lactam bridged
  • Post-translational modifications – phosphorylated, sulphated, methylated & glycosylated peptides
  • C-terminal modifications – secondary amides, alcohols, aldehydes, esters, AMCs, pNAs


  • Purity: >95% by HPLC
  • Peptide identity confirmed by mass spectrometry (ESI or MALDI-TOF)
  • In-process control of the synthesis of complex peptides by mass spectrometry and HPLC monitoring

 Customer support

CRB offers:

  • Detailed consultation on peptide design
  • Superior building block and synthesis strategies
  • Custom chemical synthesis of unusual reagents
  • Regular progress up-dates
  • Custom aliquotting upon request
  • Excess peptide retained in stock
  • Peptide Inventory dating back to 1980

Upon ordering your peptide, please refer to the peptide buyer’s guide for help on dissolving peptides and their storage. To find out more about peptides see our Technical section.