Peptide synthesis


PeparrayPepArray™ is CRB’s multiple peptide synthesis service for the supply of sets of hundreds to thousands of peptides in small amounts for screening purposes.

PepArrays™ are ideal tools for:

  • T-cell and B-cell epitope mapping
  • Structure activity studies for receptor binding ligands
  • Enzyme specificity screening (kinase, protease)
  • Cytotoxic T-cell assays

Cost effective

As the peptides in a PepArray™ are not purified, they cost one tenth of the price of individually made purified peptides. Using our optimised synthetic protocols, the peptides in the array typically have purities between 70 – 90%, although this cannot be guaranteed. This purity is more than sufficient for most initial screening applications. Once a target peptide is identified using the PepArray™, it can be remade in high purity using CRB’s routine custom peptide synthesis service , PURE™ Peptides for more detailed biological investigations.

Technical support

Of critical importance to the successful screening, using a peptide array, is the selection of the peptides to be included in the library. CRB offers detailed application-specific consultation on peptide library design covering criteria such as:

  • peptide length and sequence overlap
  • solubility
  • appropriate N- and C-termini
  • modifications/cyclisation

Upon ordering your peptide, please refer to the peptide buyer’s guide for help on dissolving peptides and their storage. To find out more about peptides see our Technical section.


Use of dedicated parallel synthesis technology and streamlined operation allows delivery in 2 weeks.


  • 48 – 96 peptides/array aliquotted into individual tubes or 96 well plates
  • 3 – 5 μmol scale
  • Peptides can be made up to 25 residues in length
  • Quality control: all peptides in each array are sampled for HPLC and MS analysis
  • Delivery in 2 weeks
  • Custom aliquotting upon request