Antibody Success Rate

We are often asked by customers, “how successful are your antibodies?” and our general reply is that many of our customers are core antibody groups within large pharmaceutical companies (in-house antibody specialists with many years of generating antibodies themselves) and they have chosen CRB to custom generate their antibodies for more than ten years. So from this we deduce we must have a good success rate and be easy to work with.

Discovery research is highly confidential and a lot of our clients want us to respect their privacy so we are not allowed to mention who we support. However, if you wish to work with us for the first time and would like some reassurance of our success rate, then we’d be happy to put you in touch with one or two of our long-standing customers who are happy to discuss how it feels working with CRB. Please contact us to sort this out for you.

CRB did produce commercial antibodies from 1985 until 1994 when the catalogue business was sold to Sigma-Genosys and therefore any searches made on Cambridge Research Biochemicals will bring up lots of commercial antibodies used and cited in that period. From 1994 onwards the company focused on custom produced antibodies, mainly against surrogate peptides. In 2016 the company launched its new catalogue business, DISCOVERY® (read more at our History page).

Here are some examples of CRB-produced antibodies in recent years which have been published and kindly notified to us by customers. Some of the cited antibodies are available to purchase in CRB’s DISCOVERY® Antibodies catalogue and their information is provided below:

Key citations: