TARGET Antibodies

target-antibodiesThis service provides the highest quality of target specific custom polyclonal antibodies that we offer. There are many steps to generating a custom antibody and care and attention to every detail and many years of refining the process at every stage have given CRB its enviable track record. We bring both a chemical and biological perspective to antigen design, while our first-rate project management and purification strategies help guarantee a high success rate for the production of polyclonal antibodies.

We offer an a la carte menu for greater success and flexibility which typically follows the stages: Antigenic prediction — peptide synthesis — carrier conjugation — immunisation — ELISA screening — Affinity Purification.

In addition, we offer validation by western blot analysis, modification (Fab fragmentation) and labelling (fluorescent, biotin or enzyme) of antibodies.


Major benefits of ordering this service are:

  • Free Consultation
  • Expert advice on the vital first step of antigen selection
  • From either your target protein or peptide sequence

Pure™ Peptides

  • Cleaner product: Peptide antigens are synthesised in-house and purified by HPLC
  • Peace of mind: Peptides are conjugated in-house and monitored for combination
  • High specificity and yield of purified antibody due to the quality of the peptide affinity media prepared in-house

Superior Quality

  • We use only high quality animals housed in UK Home Office, USDA & NIH compliant facilities
  • A variety of species and screening strategies employed for best approach
  • ISO9001:2000 Quality Accreditation

Project Management

  • Close involvement between CRB and client’s own goals to steer project
  • Fully-managed data from antibody generation programme
  • Data available in ‘real time’ via my account, or in format specified by researcher

A Record of Success

At CRB we pride ourselves on the quality of our antibodies. According to customer feedback:

  • 100% of antibodies raised against peptide recognise the peptide antigen
  • 70% of these antibodies react with protein by Western Blot
  • 50% of these antibodies react with protein in immunohistochemistry