Click Chemistry Tools

Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB) is the UK distributor for all of the available research reagents from Fluoroprobes and Click Chemistry Tools.
Unlike most distributors, Cambridge Research Biochemicals is also a research reagent manufacturer (custom peptides and antibodies are our speciality) and therefore can advise and provide technical support on the plethora of chemical tools available from Fluoroprobes and Click Chemistry Tools. We are also a longstanding customer of their generic fluorescent dyes and hence are very familiar with the utility of their dyes for labelling peptide, proteins and antibodies.
We offer the full range of DISCOVERY® research products:


Fluorescent dyes – generic dyes ranging from 350nm – 750nm
Quenchers (Dark dyes) – for FRET pairs
Available in a host of different chemistries: NHS Ester, Maleimide, Amine, Acid, TFP Ester, DBCO, Azide and more

& Click Chemistry reagents:

DBCO reagents
TCO reagents
Alkyne terminal reagents
Biotinylation reagents
Kits: EdU cell proliferation assays, microbial detection, enrichment & media

Please send your enquiries for DISCOVERY® Dyes and products to stating the product name, product #, size and number of units you are interested in.
We deliver all DISCOVERY® Dyes and products within the UK and Europe within 3-5 days from placement of Purchase Order and/or payment by Credit card/PayPal.

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