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Cambridge Research Biochemicals

Cambridge Research Biochemicals is a leading independent producer of custom-made peptide and antibody tools, supplying researchers in the pharmaceutical, life science and academic sectors worldwide. The primary applications of its products are as custom-made, laboratory scale reagents for proof of principle studies within early phase drug discovery and to support immunoassay and biomarker programmes in clinical studies. The company produces all flavours of peptides from simple to modified, stable and radio-labelled to dye labelled from milligrams to gram-scale to the highest levels of purity. CRB has an enviable track record for generating target specific polyclonal antibodies with modifications and labelling and Infinity antibodies: custom generated monoclonal antibodies to challenging antigens.

Our Team

At Cambridge Research Biochemicals we offer a highly personalised response to all technical enquiries for custom made peptides, peptoids, peptide-PNA, peptide-PMO and for tailor-made antibodies: polyclonal and monoclonal to an array of antigens: peptides, proteins, IgG, mAb, Fab. We have been providing technical advice, appraisal, design and manufacture of tailor-made and often complex peptide and antibody tool reagents for 40 years. We celebrated our 40th anniversary in the lockdown year. Our key ingredient is bridging the gap between Chemistry and Biology in these diversely specialised fields.

Ling-i Su, Laurent Caron, Emily Humphrys

Drs Ling-i Su, Laurent Caron and MD Emily Humphrys


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