INFINITY Antibodies

Infinity AntibodiesOur Custom Monoclonal Antibody service is a way of generating antibodies in perpetuity. Once successfully made the production of these custom antibodies can be duplicated time and time again to infinity.

This one-stop expedient service is brought to you due to the combination of peptide chemistry and design skills as well as time-honoured antibody production best practices. Since 2006, Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB) has been providing custom Monoclonal Antibody production services. The company further expanded in 2014 with investment in its own Cell-culture suite allowing in-house generation of hybridomas, scale-up production of antibodies and cryopreservation storage on-site.

We offer a comprehensive Monoclonal antibody service which can be progressed or terminated at each stage dependent upon success of the following steps:

  • Phase 0: Antigenic prediction – peptide synthesis – carrier conjugation
  • Phase 1: Immunisation and screening
  • Phase 2: Fusion and cloning
  • Phase 3: Sub-cloning and delivery of antibody
  • Phase 4: Scale-up and purification

Monoclonals offer many advantages over traditional polyclonals:

  • Immortal cell line – antibody available in perpertuity
  • Defined specificity
  • Low non-specific activity
  • Ideal for low abundance antibodies, such as IgM
  • In-process assay optimisation
  • Ownership of cell line
  • Offers reproducibility & traceability

Project Design

  • Expert advice on the vital first step of antigen selection from either your target IgG antibody, fragment, protein or peptide sequence
  • Design of screening strategy to select for clones against specific PTMs or protein regions
  • Choice of appropriate species

Optimised Strategy

  • Extended immunisations to achieve optimum titre prior to cloning
  • Development of screening assay to identify best clones
  • Multiple sub-cloning to capture stable cell lines
  • Scaleable production and purification capacity

Customer support

  • Regular progress updates
  • Defined check points for project progression
  • Written reports available at end of each phase
  • Back-up freezing of sub-clones and final cell line