Technical information for peptide and antibody products


Outline of the Polyclonal Antibody process

Peptide Antigen Selection

  • Ability to work with full protein/dna or truncated sequence
  • Free design of antigenic peptides
  • Expert advice on favourable positions within defined regions
  • Conjugation strategy always considered

Peptide Synthesis

  • High Purity >80% or >95%
  • Peptides from the inventors
  • Peptides manufactured and analysed on site
  • Rigorous Quality Control by HPLC and Mass


  • Optimised chemistry
  • Range of carriers available
  • Peptide-carrier ratio measured


  • Project started 2 weeks from order
  • Proven protocol for guaranteed anti-peptide response
  • Test samples available in six weeks
  • Online tracking for ease of updates
  • Project completion upon clients instruction


  • Optimised anti-peptide ELISA system
  • Easy to view results uploaded to customer web area
  • Direct communication with our scientists
  • Advice on direction of projects


  • Peptide Affinity chromatography for specific anti-peptide antibodies
  • Protein A or G purification
  • Pre-immune purified control
  • Phospho-specific pTyr, pSer, pThr antibodies
  • Depletion strategies for unwanted antibodies or controls


  • F(ab) or F(Ab’)2 fragmentation
  • Labelling of primary antibodies with HRP, Biotin, FITC, Cy and Alexa dyes

Additional Services

  • Western blotting for anti-protein response
  • Aliquotting, labelling and storage