Peptide synthesis

Custom Peptides

Custom Peptides are manufactured in the United Kingdom on site at Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB) at the company’s headquarters in the North-East of England.

Custom Peptides are made to order and to the precise needs of the customer. Technical consultation is given freely at the initial enquiry stage of a custom peptide in order to ensure that the correct custom peptide is designed, synthesised efficiently and the end application for its use is taken in to consideration.

Our Peptide Synthesis service allows rapid turnaround of a whole variety of custom peptides in a matter of weeks.

Go to: Peptide Synthesis services to see all of the different types of Custom Peptides available from highly complex modified peptides (PURE PEP/TIDES) to large sets of peptide libraries (PEPARRAY™) to FRET pairs (SPECTRUM PEPTIDES)