Lucky Dip antibodies

‘Lucky Dip’ antibodies are a collection of non-validated antibodies which customers have deserted over the years. It’s not to say they are unusable as most have never been tested, rather, they have been forgotten about and over many years left in our possession taking up freezer space. As university research laboratories closed their doors during COVID-19 (2020), we began the gargantuan task of sorting through our abandoned antisera collection and we have been diligently working through tens of freezers and purifying antibodies from them to reduce storage space and hopefully put them to good use. This project has been managed by our immunology team and performed by several Biomedical intern students from Durham University to whom we are entirely grateful. Please get in touch if any of the antibody targets are of interest to you and you would like a sample to test. We have priced the antibodies at a very attractive price to encourage their purchase and subsequent validation. All other antibodies on our site have been validated and most are cited antibodies.

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