Peptide-PMO Conjugates

Peptide-PMO Conjugates

PMOs (Phosphorodiamidate Morpholino Oligonucleotides) are charge-neutral oligonucleotide analogues which form Watson-Crick duplexes with RNA targets with sequence specificity (usually 18-25 bases long). They are water soluble (unless ‘G’ rich) and completely stable to nucleases (and proteases) like PNA. PMOs are non-toxic in cells and animals hence their therapeutic interest and PMOs do not trigger an immune response in animals.

Cambridge Research Biochemicals is now offering a custom synthesis service for the preparation of covalent conjugates of synthetic peptides to a PMO sequence of your choice for the research market. We offer two new services:

Standard 3’ –conjugate of a PMO (to the secondary morpholino amine) via amide linkage with a custom-synthesised peptide of your choice using unfunctionalised PMO (see for example Betts et al, 2013).

Scales available Minimum product
50 nmoles approx 0.1-0.3 mg
250 nmoles approx 0.5 to 1.0 mg
1250 nmoles approx 5.0 mg

For higher scales please enquire.

You specify the PMO sequence (up to 30-mer) and you specify the peptide.

Peptide-PMO libraries via SELPEPCON™ synthesis arrays for use in screening applications (see Deuss et al for original concept, peptide-PMO manuscript is in preparation (O’Donovan et al)). These are arrays of peptide-PMO conjugates synthesised to give a minimum product of 10 nmoles, sufficient for cell culture analysis for example. Custom synthesised peptides have an additional 3’-terminal Cys residue that is reversibly biotinylated to allow for parallel rapid affinity purification following PMO conjugation and subsequently the Cys is capped using iodoacetamide.

You specify the PMO and provide a list of peptides desired as conjugates. Arrays can consist of from 4 up to 96 members.

We can also offer other specialist Peptide-PMO syntheses on request. For example, a 5’-amide-linked PMO conjugate of a custom synthesised peptide (see for example Yin et al 2011) is possible. This uses PMO functionalised with a 5’-amino linker. Please enquire.