The following Open Access articles are useful in following Mike Gait’s work and in conjunction with the Wood group in Oxford.

Primary Papers Pip peptides

Pip6-PMO, a new generation of peptide-oligonucleotide conjugates with improved cardiac exon skipping activity for Duchenne muscular dystrophy treatment. C. Betts, A.F. Saleh, A.A. Arzumanov, S.M. Hammond, C. Godfrey, T. Coursindel, M.J. Gait and M.J.A.Wood, Molecular Therapy Nucleic Acids (2012) 1, e38.

Cellular trafficking determines the exon skipping activity of Pip6a-PMOin mdx skeletal and cardiac muscle cells. T. Lehto, A. Castillo Alvaraz, M.J. Gait, T. Coursindel, M.J.A. Wood, B. Lebleu and P. Boisguerin Nucleic Acids Res. (2014) 42, 3207-3217.

Primary Papers parallel synthesis of conjugates and labelling

Parallel synthesis and splicing redirection activity of cell-penetrating peptide conjugate libraries of a PNA cargo. P.J. Deuss, A.A Arzumanov, D.L. Williams and M.J. Gait Org. Biomol. Chem. (2013) 11, 7621-7630.

Development of a general methodology for labelling peptide conjugates of morpholino (PMO) oligonucleotides using alkyne-azide click chemistry. F. Shabanpoor and M.J. Gait, Chem. Commun. (2013) 49, 10260-10262.

Review Papers

A chemical view of oligonucleotides for exon skipping and related drug applications. P. Järver, L. O’Donovan and M.J. Gait Nucleic Acids Therapeutics (2014) 24, 37-47.

Peptide-mediated cell and in vivo delivery of antisense oligonucleotides and siRNA. P. Järver, T. Coursindel, S. EL Andaloussi, C. Godfrey, M.J.A. Wood, and M. J. Gait, Molecular Therapy Nucleic Acids (2012) 1, e27