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12 Dec 2012

RSC Protein & Peptide Science Group: Early Stage Researcher Meeting 30 November 2012

Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB) recently sponsored the RSC (Royal Society for ChemistryProtein and Peptide Science Group Early Stage Researcher Meeting which took place on 30th November 2012 at the University College London hosted by Dr Alethea Tabor (Department of Chemistry, UCL).

Dr Laurent Caron (Technical Manager for Cambridge Research Biochemicals was recently appointed membership to the RSC Protein and Peptide Science Group (PPSG) and welcomed the attendance of this meeting. He was delighted to award and present CRB’s prize for best Oral presentation to Paul Moody.

Paul Moody (UCL) presented “A simple method for rapid, homogeneous, dual labelling of proteins”

Oral Abstract:

A simple method for rapid, homogeneous, dual labeling of proteins

Paul Moody – UCL
In collaboration with Ramiz Nathani
Supervisors – Mark Smith, Richard Fitzmaurice, Steve Caddick

High affinity binding of small protein scaffolds to a given epitope can be routinely achieved by phage display and affinity maturation, in a process that is conceptually similar to generation of monoclonal antibodies. Small protein scaffolds offer a number of advantages over antibodies, such as ability to bind cryptic epitopes, high stability, and ease of manufacture in E. coli. A range of chemical functionalities have been described to enhance their efficacy, such as addition of PEG, toxic payloads, radiolabels, fluorophores, and electrophilic capture reagents. We have recently developed a method for dual labelling of proteins, which can be used to introduce multiple functionalities into biotherapeutics regiospecifically. Using GFP as a model protein, we have demonstrated the simultaneous and differential modification of two cysteines within a protein structure, using a single chemical reagent. The two new functionalities can then be orthogonally modified to allow facile introduction of alkyne and thiol-labelled functionalities. We believe our method will be of interest to groups wishing to homogeneously dual modify proteins.

We were subsequently grateful to receive words of thanks from Dr Alethea Tabor on 6th December, 2012:

“On behalf of the Protein and Peptide Science Group (PPSG) of the RSC, I am writing to thank you, Laurent, and everyone at CRB, for the generous support of the PPSG Early Stage Researcher Meeting on 30th November, 2012. The meeting was a great success, with 70 students and postdocs attending. We all felt that the standard of the oral presentations was very high, and the students all appreciated a chance to compete for the CRB prize for the best oral presentation. The financial support provided by CRB was greatly appreciated, and has helped us to run a very worthwhile meeting, providing students carrying out research in the peptide and protein fields with a unique opportunity to present their work and network.”

Emily Humphrys, Commercial Director