Technical information for peptide and antibody products

Peptide Arrays

Peptide arrays are ideal for producing large numbers of peptides in 1–2mg quantities for epitope or activity screening. Peptides are synthesised and supplied in 8 x 12 microtitre plates or in individually numbered 1.2ml tubes. Peptides can be supplied as C-terminal acids or amides and a variety of N-terminal modifications can be made. N-terminal biotinylated peptides are particularly useful for epitope mapping. Modified (e.g. phosphorylated) and unusual amino acids can also be incorporated.

If required, we can select from the protein the overlapping sequences to be synthesised for epitope screening. There is a minimum number of 50 peptides per synthesis. Please contact Cambridge Research Biochemicals to discuss your requirements.

We can also offer peptide microarrays printed directly onto glass slides from the microtitre plates. Up to 96 different peptides can be printed in duplicate per slide. A spacer between the peptide and binder reduces steric hindrance and ensures high peptide availability. Again, most of the common peptide modifications can be accommodated and the slides are compatible with the majority of imaging systems.