Cambridge Research Biochemicals has the exclusive licence from GE Healthcare LifeSciences (formerly Amersham Biosciences) to label peptides and other biomolecules (proteins, antibodies or oligonucleotides) with the whole range of Cyanine dyes: Cy™ dyes available, most commonly labelled with Cy™3B and Cy™5. CRB can provide FRET pairs, typically Cy™3B/Cy™5Q. We have been attaching these dyes singularly as mono-labelled peptides and doubly (donor/acceptor) since 2001, so have acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge of working with the Cy™ dye range.

Cydyes™ are available at wavelengths covering the spectrum as follows:


Graphics courtesy of GE Healthcare

Use our dye selector to match up your wavelength requirement with dyes available, or if you would prefer a CRB representative to talk you through the choices of labelling a peptide (or biomolecule) with a dye, please contact us.