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  Lanthanide Labelling:
Europium Chelates for Time-Resolved Fluorescence
Spectrum™ Peptides:
CRB offers Custom Peptides labelled with the most
comprehensive set of Fluorescent dyes available
Fluorescent Dye Selector:
Our interactive online dye selection wheel

  Lanthanide Labelling  
Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB) is pleased to offer a new Custom Labelling service using the QuickAllAssay™ Europium Chelate Protein Labelling Kit to label proteins (antibodies) with Europium chelate for inclusion in to Time-Resolved Fluorescence Energy Transfer (TR-FRET); Quenched Resonance Energy Transfer (QRET) assays and Separation based enhanced time-resolved fluorescence assays.

QuickAllAssay™ kits are a range of complete, ready-to-use reagents for labelling of proteins, antibodies, and small molecules with a Europium chelate. Ideal for TR FRET (Time-Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer) and QRET (Quenched Resonance Energy Transfer assays) and for separation based enhanced time-resolved fluorescence assays.

QRET assays - CRB is also pleased to offer a number of complete assays kits based on QRET (Quenched Resonance Energy Transfer assays)
  Separation based TRF assays offer a superior alternative to traditonal ELISA technology
Spectrum PeptidesSpectrum Peptides
CRB specialises in the synthesis of fluorescently-labelled peptides and antibodies. With licences from leading dye manufacturers such as Life Technologies (Invitrogen-Molecular Probes), GE Healthcare (Amersham Biosciences), Biosearch Technologies, Licor Biosciences and Atto-Tec, we have the largest selection of dyes available for peptide labelling of any company in the world, enabling us to offer the best dye for your particular application.
Available Proprietary Dyes Include:
  • Life Technologies Dyes: Alexa Fluor®*, Bodipy®*, Oregon Green®
  • GE Healthcare: CyDyes™*
  • Atto-Tec: ATTO dyes
  • Cyanagen: Chromis dyes
  • Biosearch Technologies: CAL Fluor®, Quasar®
  • Licor Biosciences: IR Dyes®*­
* Requires payment of a royalty.

Non-proprietary dyes: FAM, TAMRA, EDANS, Mca, FITC
Technical Excellence:
  • Scalability: 0.5 mg to grams
  • Dye can be attached to N-terminus, C-terminus or side-chain of the peptide using amino-, thiol-, or click-reactive derivatives
  • Optimised strategy for synthesis of FRET peptides to minimise background fluorescence
  • ISO9001:2008 certified
Streamlined operation allows delivery in 3-4 weeks. Most of the commonly used dyes are kept in stock to ensure rapid turnaround.

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Fluorescent Dye Selector
Our fluorescent dye selector will take you through a step by step process to help you choose the best dye for your application.
Use our online fluorescent dye selector at
which provides a list of suitable dyes matching your desired wavelength and the necessary technical data to enable you to select the optimum dye for your application.
  Fluorescent Dye Selector
We offer dyes compatible with all commonly used excitation sources. The most frequently requested are listed, together with appropriate quencher for FRET applications. If you require a peptide labelled with a dye not listed, please enquire as we have access to many more.
Need to know more? Contact us by visiting our website or email us for information on peptides
Need to know more? Contact us by visiting our website or email us for information on peptides
Need to know more? Contact us by visiting our website or email us for information on peptides
Customer References

* denotes CRB’s customer
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