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Thursday 5th May 2011
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8 April 2011: Cambridge Research Biochemicals expands peptide manufacturing capacity
22 March 2011: CRB and Durham launch medical research project
Welcome to our new blog!
08 Apr 11

Cambridge Research Biochemicals expands peptide manufacturing capacity

Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB), a leading peptide and antibody manufacturer has made a substantial investment to further expand its peptide manufacturing capacity by purchasing the first in Europe Overture™ Robotic Peptide Library Synthesiser.

With simultaneous synthesis of up to 96 peptides, including libraries of overlapping peptides, the Overture is one of the most powerful and sophisticated peptide synthesisers in the world. This asset will enable CRB to offer its customers working in drug discovery, a much faster service and the ability to tackle increasingly more challenging molecules.

The Overture is the second investment in 6 months by Cambridge Research Biochemicals to expand its peptide production capacity following the purchase of a Liberty Peptide Synthesiser which uses microwave technology to make higher purity peptides up to ten times faster than by conventional methods.

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State of the Art Peptide Chemistry at CRB
State of the Art Peptide Chemistry at CRB
22 Mar 11

CRB and Durham launch medical research project

Cambridge Research Biochemicals, based in Billingham, Teesside, UK, has teamed up with Durham University to carry out important health research. CRB manufactures custom peptides and custom antibodies for use in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research across the world and is now carrying out the work with Durham University as part of a twelve-month Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA) scheme.

Dr Ehmke Pohl, a structural biologist and Dr Steven Cobb, a specialist in peptide synthesis from Durham University will be able to investigate synthetic ways of producing the human chemokines family of proteins. Chemokines play a key role in the human immune response which makes them useful for researchers in the field of heart disease, cancer and allergies.

CRB already has a strong track record in working with academic institutions, being a member of a pan-European group as part of an EU funded Framework 7 R&D Programme (BIOSCENT) worth 6 Million Euros over five years investigating peptide scaffolds as heart patches.

CRB’s main aim has always been to improve its services, and therefore, help support medical science by providing high quality reagents such as peptides.

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Welcome to our new blog!

CRB has always taken pride in providing a wealth of information and resource for making projects succeed. When we initiate a project, we’ll check in with the researcher and work together to capture the balance of technical information and design for the optimal approach.

Now, we’ve begun a more comprehensive review by writing a blog on current topics in peptides, fluorescence, antibodies and fields where new research is happening. Our blog is written to pique your interest in new applications of some areas where you’ve only dabbled. These newer areas push the boundaries of what is possible and what technologies are growing in other laboratories.

Look for the ‘BLOG’ tab on the top of our home page at for our first few attempts at this. You may learn something new about fluorescent or stapled peptides with more topics coming in the future.

Would you like to start a discussion? We would like to hear your suggestions and posts about your chosen topics. Please e-mail

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