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CRB wins 2 year supply contract to provide custom peptides and antibodies
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Cambridge Research Biochemicals appointed peptide and antibody supplier of RCUK Shared Services Centre Limited
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Cambridge Research Biochemicals appointed peptide and antibody supplier to RCUK Shared Services

MRC and Shared Services

As a key supplier of custom synthesised peptides and custom generated polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, Cambridge Research Biochemicals was appointed peptide and antibody supplier of RCUK Shared Services Centre Limited in July 2010. The contract enables Cambridge Research Biochemicals to build on its existing relationship with the Medical Research Council and other UK Research Councils. This achievement validates CRB’s focus on quality, customer service and innovation in the production of speciality research peptides and antibodies.

Over the last 12 months, CRB has expanded its peptide production and antibody operations to increase client-handling teams to ensure that the high level of technical and service standards required by the Research Councils, is continuously achieved.
Since CRB won the preferred supplier Research Councils United Kingdom (RCUK) tender agreement for peptide and antibody supply we have regularly visited the MRC-LMB building and other foundations around Cambridge to promote this successful arrangement.

CRB aims to regularly visit MRC Units around the UK: Sheffield, Glasgow, Cambridge, Oxford and Leicester Toxicology Unit to name but a few, to increase awareness of the tender.

If you would like to know how the tender agreement through Cambridge Research Biochemicals can benefit your project, please contact us to find out more.

Diary Dates

Diary Dates:

CRB will be visiting the following MRC units in June.

NIMR 21st June
Oxford MRC 22nd June
Edinburgh 28th June
Dundee 29th June
Cambridge 5th July
Diary Dates

Technical workshops:

CRB technical experts are available to visit your site to provide technical workshops on peptide synthesis and antibody production. Please contact us if your group has specific requirements and you would like us to visit. The process of designing peptide substrates or antibodies for a particular purpose can be quite complex and we are very happy to provide assistance at this stage. Technical input at the design stage of a project is extremely beneficial and leads to greater success.

Contact us for more information
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RCUK Shared Services Contract Services

Pure Peptides

Pure Peptides™ CRB’s 30 years of peptide experience means that we have an encyclopaedic knowledge of peptide synthesis. Pure Peptides are the core of our business and our technical expertise is backed up by a well-equipped laboratory including microwave technology to produce complex and very long synthetically challenging peptides. We have the ability and flexibility to prepare almost any kind of peptide for research at any scale.

Target Antibodies

Target Antibodies™ bring a chemical and biological perspective to antigen design for Polyclonal Antibody Production. Antigen prediction is our forte and our production is optimised according to client criteria utilising specific selection rules to gain excellent quality and a high success rate.

Infintiy Antobodies

Infinity Antibodies™ named after their immortal cell line, our Monoclonal Antibody service is available through a strategic partnership with Babraham Bioscience Technologies (BBT) and offers antibodies in perpetuity.

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