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Antibody Labelling and Validation

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Antibody Labelling: CRB has a broad range of custom labelling services
Fragmentation: Antibody fragmentation for specific labelling
Antibody Validation: Western Blot analysis service

Antibody Labelling

Cambridge Research Biochemicals, the specialist peptide and custom antibody manufacturer based in the North East of England, has announced a significant expansion to its dye labelling offering. The company has signed an extension to its Supply & Licence Agreement with Life Technologies – Molecular Probes. The deal extends CRB’s licence to offer dye-labelled primary antibodies as well as peptides.

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Dye Selector
Fab Fragmentation

Fab Fragmentation

Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgM) can be selectively cleaved by proteases to give the antibody binding fragments (Fab, F(ab’)2 or Fab’) and the class defining fragment (Fc). These can be separated by affinity chromatography using Protein A which binds the Fc fragment and intact IgG but not the Fab fragments.

Antibody fragments offer a number of potential advantages over the intact molecule including reduced non-specific binding, higher sensitivity and better tissue penetration for IHC applications. The purified antibody fragments can be labelled in the same way as the intact antibody.

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Antibody Validation

Cambridge Research Biochemicals offers a fully flexible custom Western Blot analysis service to complement its custom generated Target Antibodies™.

Western Blot validation may be carried out on any CRB generated custom polyclonal or monoclonal antibody.

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Antibody Validation

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Cambridge Research Biochemicals are proud sponsors of the following Cambridge Cell Biology Seminars 2012:

Dr Andrew Peden

Cambridge Institude for Medical Research
6 February 2012
Sackler Lecture Theatre
Insights into post-Golgi trafficking from a SNARE specific siRNA screen

Professor Mikael Simons

Max Planck Institut fur Experimentelle Medizin
5 March 2012
Sackler Lecture Theatre
Mechanisms of myelination in the central nervous system

Professor Dick McIntosh

University of Colorado at Boulder
23 April 2012
Sackler Lecture Theatre
Microtubule depolymerization as a cellular machine and proteins that bind preferentially to bending oligomers of tubulin

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