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Monoclonal Antibody Service
INFINITY™ Antibodies
Scale–up Production and Purification of Cell-lines

Monoclonal Antibody Service

Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB) has provided Monoclonal Antibody services through partnerships with Babraham Bioscience Technologies Ltd & Epitomics Inc for six years.

In 2011, CRB expanded its capacity for Monoclonal Antibody production through a partnership with local Biological and Biomedical Sciences School at the University of Durham. The agreement allows access to additional analysis of antibodies from FACs to affinity rates.

Monoclonals offer many advantages over traditional polyclonals:

  • PNA binds to complementary DNA/RNA with higher affinity and greater specificity than conventional oligonucleotides
  • PNA is more stable than DNA or RNA as they are resistant to nucleases and proteases
  • PNA can be hydridized at lower salt concentrations than DNA or RNA which leads to higher stringency

CRB provides the chemical insight and customer support by providing the peptide antigen (where required) and project management.

‘Emily Humphrys, CRB’s commercial director, said, ‘Our strategic alliances mean more options for our customers and access to unique technologies. We believe partnerships can make a real difference to drug discovery.’

Babraham Institute Durham University Epitomics

Infinity Antibodies

Our Monoclonal Antibody service is a way of generating antibodies in perpetuity. Once successfully made these antibodies can be duplicated time and time again to infinity.

Project Design

  • Expert advice on the vital first step of antigen selection from either your target protein or peptide sequence
  • Design of screening strategy to select for clones against specific PTMs or protein regions
  • Choice of appropriate species

Optimised strategy

  • Extended immunisations to achieve optimum titre prior to cloning
  • Development of screening assay to identify best clones
  • Multiple sub-cloning to capture stable cell lines
  • Scalable production and purification capacity

Customer Support

  • Regular progress updates
  • Defined check points for project progression
  • Written reports available at end of each phase
  • Back-up freezing of sub-clones and final cell line
Infinity Antibodies

Immune Response Reported by ELISA

Immune Response Reported by ELISA
Phase 0
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

Illustration of a typical monoclonal antibody project

1,000 Cultures 10 Positive Clones 4 IgG Stable Clones 1-2 Clones

Scale-up Production and Purification of Cell Lines

Cambridge Research Biochemicals has recently introduced an additional Monoclonal Antibody service of scale-up production and purification of Cell lines. CRB generated clones or Customer’s own hybridomas can be scaled up to produce large quantities (grams) of purified Monoclonal antibody once a trial small scale (10mg of mAb) purification is undertaken.

Our Trial offer includes:

  • Transferral of cells to serum-free media
  • Cells are cultured in 1 Litre cultivation as an initial trial
  • 10mg purified antibody produced after initial trial
  • Purification by protein A/G chromatography
  • Evaluation of cell-line productivity for scale-up production
  • Rapid Delivery of 3-4 weeks
Contact us for a Trial production & purification call us on 01642 567180 Send us an email

Cambridge Research Biochemicals are proud sponsors of the following Cambridge Cell Biology Seminars 2012:

Professor Dick McIntosh

University of Colorado at Boulder
23 April 2012
Sackler Lecture Theatre
Microtubule depolymerization as a cellular machine and proteins that bind preferentially to bending oligomers of tubulin

Dr Alexis Gautreau

14 May 2012
Sackler Lecture Theatre
Actin Polymerization by the WASH complex promotes lateral compartmentalization of endosomes and membrane fission

Professor William Earnshaw

The University of Edinburgh
11 June 2012
Sackler Lecture Theatre
Epigenetic Engineering of Human Kinetochores

CRB are also exhibiting at the 37th Annual BMS Interdivisional Analytical Research Conference – June 12-13,2012 – The Imperia, Somerset, NJ

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