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30 Jun 2011

Quotient Bioresearch signs strategic alliance with Cambridge Research Biochemicals

Quotient Bioresearch, a leading provider of early stage and specialist drug development services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device clients worldwide, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Cambridge Research Biochemicals to provide a joint consultancy solution for tritium peptide labelling, offering significant cost and time savings to customers.

The partnership will see Quotient Bioresearch and Cambridge Research Biochemicals, the world’s second oldest peptide manufacturer, work together to supply both tritium radiolabelled and cold peptides as a package to a high quality with reliable delivery in a single shipment.

Cambridge Research Biochemicals has been making cold peptides for more than 30 years and Quotient scientists have been radiolabelling peptides with tritium for over 60 years. The new ‘one stop shop’ service will mean a more streamlined offering to customers with one contract and simpler pricing.

Stephen Lewinton, MD for Chemistry & Metabolism at Quotient Bioresearch, commented: ”We have worked with Cambridge Research Biochemicals for a number of years; they are one of the most established and experienced suppliers in the peptide business. This formalised agreement will combine the expertise of both companies to give customers an improved service to obtain custom manufactured hot and cold peptides.“

Peptides which have been site-specifically labelled with tritium are ideal for use in receptor studies. Tritium labelling does not change the chemical structure of the peptide, producing labelled ligands with chemical and biological properties identical to those of the unlabelled molecule.

Emily Humphrys, Commercial Director at Cambridge Research Biochemicals, added: “Our strategic alliance with Quotient is a major benefit to our customers as it will provide a seamless operation for our Piquant™ Peptides (‘hot’) radiolabelled peptide offering. This marks a significant partnership for CRB with Quotient – the originators of Radiochemistry with their legacy of Amersham*.”

*Amersham is a trademark of GE Healthcare