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13 Oct 2008

Not Just Dead Bodies!

Our screens are inundated with forensic pathologists Silent Witness, CSI, Waking the Dead but is this what pathology is all about? Pathology on the Screen – fact or fiction? at the Arts Picturehouse on Tuesday 4th November will show the concluding episode of the current BBC series of Silent Witness and give the audience the chance to ask real-life pathologists about their work.

Dr Ben Swift, Home Office Pathologist and adviser to the BBC, will introduce Finding Rachel which has the Silent Witness team in Zambia, investigating the death of a British medical student. He will be joined by the Head of Cambridge University Department of Pathology, Professor Andrew Wyllie and Dr Chris Smith (of the Naked Scientists) to discuss how their work relates to that on the screen and to take questions from the audience.

The event will raise money for local charity Campod (Cambridge Fund for the Prevention of Disease) based in Cambridge University Department of Pathology and is sponsored by Cambridge Research Biochemicals.

Jane Rich Campod’s Fundraising Co-ordinator says “This is an excellent opportunity for us to let people know that the Department of Pathology is not about dead bodies! As well as teaching, we are researching major diseases including cancer, infectious diseases such as MRSA, diabetes and many more. CAMPOD raises money to provide the researchers with the equipment that they need for this vital work.”

Emily Humphrys, Commercial Manager of Cambridge Research Biochemicals says “We are thrilled to be supporting Campod in this event. It’s a great way to get people to engage with laboratory science.”

The event is open to the public and is part of National Pathology Week. Booking forms are available from the CAMPOD or from the Arts Picturehouse box-office in person.