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12 Nov 2009

CRB signs distribution deal for new dyes

Cambridge Research Biochemicals Limited (‘CRB’; Billingham, Teesside, UK) has signed a distribution agreement with Italian company Cyanagen to market Cyanagen’s groundbreaking range of fluorescent labelling dyesexclusively in the UK and Ireland and non-exclusively internationally.

Cyanagen srl, a company established in Bologna, Italy in 2003 is dedicated to the synthesis, development and production of reagents for bioanalytical techniques.

In particular, it has spent several years developing bright and robustfluorescent dyes for labelling applications.

Marketed under the name Chromis, the dyes have been developed using a variety of bright colours for ease of identification.

This new agreement is highly synergistic with CRB’s core specialism; the synthesis of fluorescently labelled peptides (which are the protein fragments) used in the research and discovery of new medicines.

Already partnered with a number of major companies around the world, CRB has welcomed the agreement with Cyanagen.

CRB Commercial Director Emily Humphrys said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce this novel range of dyes into the UK bioscience research market. Data generated to date in key UK research centres suggest that these products have significant technical advantages over existing dye labels.”

Dr Leopoldo Della Ciana (Chief Scientific Officer, Cyanagen) said: “Cyanagen believes that the agreement with CRB is of strategic importance, both for opening up the important markets of UK and North America, but also because it is expected to provide invaluable information vital in tailoring Cyanagen’s chemistry to customers’ needs.”