Novel antibodies to a post-translational modification from CRB

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Christian Frezza et al. at the MRC Cancer Unit, Cambridge chose to enlist the assistance of Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB) to raise custom polyclonal antibodies against protein succination, a post-translational modification formed by a reaction between the tricarboxylic acid cycle intermediate fumarate with protein cysteines to form S-(2-succino)cysteine (2SC). “We contacted CRB for the generation of the 2SC… Read more »

Targeted antibodies for immunofluorescence from CRB

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Gamma-tubulin ring complexes (γ-TuRCs) are highly conserved multi-protein complexes which localise to MTOCs (microtubule organising centres) in different parts of the cell at different times to influence microtubule array formation. Microtubule arrangement is essential to cell division and many other cell processes, and microtubule defects are associated with a variety of human pathologies. Paul Conduit… Read more »

When will there be a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease? An interview with Dr John Viles

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Artilce by Dr Stephen Hoare. I met John Viles in December 2017 to discuss his work on protein misfolding and degenerative diseases. John is a structural biologist in the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London. He is interested in protein misfolding diseases, of which the main one is Alzheimer’s disease…. Read more »

Cambridge Research Biochemicals to Support Preclinical Study on Treatment for Vision-Damaging Eye Disease

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Under a new contract, Cambridge Research Biochemicals® will support evaluation of a potential new treatment approach for Fuchs Dystrophy, a disease that typically occurs in middle age and may cause a gradual loss of vision. Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB), under contract to Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc., will develop reagents to evaluate eFGF-1, a compound that… Read more »