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TAT-TRPV1 (736-745) inhibits the interaction of TRPV1 and AKAP79. TAT-TRPV1 (736-745) is a TRPV1 antagonist and useful for inflammation and hyperalgesia study.

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Catalogue number crb1001171
Molecular Weight 2927.6
Sequence (one letter code)


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Aliase 736-745-TAT
Purity >95%
Storage -20°C

Btesh et al., (2013). Mapping the binding site of TRPV1 on AKAP79: implications for inflammatory hyperalgesia. J Neurosci., 33(21): 9184. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.4991-12.2013.

Zhang et al., (2008). Proinflammatory mediators modulate the heat-activated ion channel TRPV1 via the scaffolding protein AKAP79/150. Neuron, 59(3): 450. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2008.05.015.

Manufactured in: United Kingdom
Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

TAT-TRPV1 (736-745) is a cell-permeable TRPV1 fragment (capsaicin receptor and the vanilloid receptor 1), that can inhibit the interaction of TRPV1 and A-kinase anchoring protein 79 (AKAP79). TAT- TRPV1 (736-745) consists of amino acids 736-749 from the TRPV1 C-terminal domain, combined with amino acids 47–57 of TAT to promote uptake across neuronal cell membranes. TAT-TRPV1 (736-745) inhibits both the first and the second phase of pain behaviour in the formalin test, implying an effect on both acute and inflammatory pain.

A-kinase anchoring protein 79 (AKAP79) is a protein that targets kinases to TRPV1. Inflammation causes hyperalgesia but can be reduced when TRPV1 is blocked. a key region on AKAP79, amino acids 326–336, is responsible for its interaction with TRPV1. TAT-TRPV1 (736-745) promotes uptake across the cell membrane and TRPV1 (736-745)  inhibited inflammatory hyperalgesia in mice. TAT-TRPV1 (736-745) did not affect pain thresholds in the absence of inflammation. These results suggest that antagonizing the TRPV1–AKAP79 interaction will be a useful strategy for inhibiting inflammatory hyperalgesia and TAT is an effective delivery system.

TAT-TRPV1 (736-745)

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