Sendai Virus nucleoprotein (324-332)


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Sendai Virus nucleoprotein (324-332) is a recognised T cell epitope.

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Catalogue number crb1001611
Molecular Weight 948.5
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Purity >95%
Storage -20°C

Zhong et al., (2000). CD4+ T cell priming accelerates the clearance of Sendai virus in mice, but has a negative effect on CD8+ T cell memory. J. Immunol. Res., 164(6): 3274. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.164.6.3274.

Manufactured in: United Kingdom
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The identification of T cell epitopes is vital for a range of immunological functions including viral vaccine design. Current influenza vaccines are designed to induce protective humoral immunity by exposure to inactivated influenza leading to an induction of potent CD4+ T cell memory.  However, little is known about how these primed CD4+ T cells effect the response to other viruses that share a common T cell epitope.

Sendai Virus nucleoprotein (324-332) has been identified as a T cell epitope and used in T cell assays to stimulate a response. Further use of Sendai virus nucleoprotein (324-332) epitope in vitro could help uncover the effect of immune response to heterologous viruses with common epitopes. It may also help understand the impact of using primed CD4+ T cell as vaccines. This could have consequences for future vaccine design to improve specificity and potency of the immune cells.

Sendai Virus nucleoprotein (324-332)

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