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PMX 53 is a potent antagonist of CD88, a G protein-coupled receptor for C5a (complement protein).

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Catalogue number crb1000989
Molecular Weight 895.5
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Modifications Lactam bridge between Orn-2 to Arg-6, Where O is Ornithine, where Cha is Cyclohexylalanine
Purity >95%
Storage -20°C

Brennan et al (2015). The Complement Receptor C5aR Controls Acute Inflammation and Astrogliosis following Spinal Cord Injury. J. Neurosci. 35 (16) 6517 PMID 25904802.

Manthey et al., (2009). Complement component 5a (C5a). Int. J. Biochem. Cell Biol. 41(11) 2114 PMID: 19464229.

Manufactured in: United Kingdom
Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

PMX 53 is a potent antagonist of CD88, a G protein-coupled receptor for C5a (complement protein). C5a is a protein fragment released from cleavage of complement component C5 by protease C5-convertase into C5a and C5b fragments. C5a, the other cleavage product of C5, acts as a highly inflammatory peptide, encouraging complement activation, formation of the MAC, attraction of innate immune cells, and histamine release involved in allergic responses. The origin of C5 is in the hepatocyte, but its synthesis can also be found in macrophages, where it may cause local increase of C5a. C5a is a chemotactic agent and an anaphylatoxin; it is essential in the innate immunity but it is also linked with the adaptive immunity. The increased production of C5a is connected with a number of inflammatory diseases.

By antagonising the C5a receptor, PMX can be used to modulate inflammatory responses, obesity, development and cancers.

PMX 53

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