Pantinin-3 FLSTIWNGIKSLL-acid

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Antimicrobial peptide which high activity against Gram-positive bacteria

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Application Data

Catalogue number crb1000010
Molecular Weight 1491.77
Sequence (one letter code) FLSTIWNGIKSLL-acid
Sequence (three letter code)


Purity >95%
Storage - 20 ° C

Zeng et al (2013) Three new antimicrobial peptides from the scorpion Pandinus imperator. Peptides 45 28 PMID: 23624072

Manufactured in: United Kingdom
Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Pantinin-3, like other pantinin peptides, has high activity against Gram-positive bacteria yet weak activity against Gram-negative bacteria. With the exception of S. aureus, pantinin-3 displays the highest activity against all Gram-negative bacteria for which it has been tested. Pantinin-3 also displays activity against Candida tropicalis and has relatively mild haemolytic activity against human red blood cells.


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