Leptin (93 – 105) Human


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Leptin (93 – 105) fragment; leptin is a pro-inflammatory cytokine and a hormone with multiple endocrine functions, including energy homeostasis.

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Catalogue number crb1000468
Molecular Weight 1526.8
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Purity >95%
cas 200436-43-7

La Cava (2017). Leptin in inflammation and autoimmunity. Cytokine, 98: 51. PMID: 27916613.

Mantzoros et al., (2011). Leptin in human physiology and pathophysiology. Am. J. Physiol-Endocrinol. Metab., 301(4): E567. PMID: 21791620.

Manufactured in: United Kingdom
Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Leptin is a member of the adipocytokines or adipokines group of cytokines primarily produced in adipose tissue. Leptin is a hormone involved in multiple endocrine functions, bone metabolism and thermoregulation, and a cytokine promoting inflammatory responses. There are elevated levels of leptin found in people with obesity. This contributes to the state of low-grade inflammation that makes those individuals more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes, degenerative disease and autoimmune disease. Reduced levels of leptin, found in malnourished individuals, have been linked to an increased risk of infection and reduced cell-mediated immunity.

Leptin binds to leptin receptors (ObRs), of which there are at least six isoforms (ObRa, ObRb, ObRc, ObRd, ObRe, and ObRf). Leptin-related analogs such as (93-105) fragment can mimic the interaction and activation of the ObR to improve their anti-obesity effects. Peptide vectors with a linker to a leptin fragment were patented as new leptin agonists with an improved permeability through the blood-brain barrier. Administration of leptin or leptin (93-105) to rats was shown to raise the blood levels of aldosterone and corticosterone. The use of the (93-105) fragment has allowed a better understanding of full-length leptin and its function in its various roles.

Leptin (93 – 105) Human

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