Insulin A Chain (A12–21)


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Insulin A Chain (A12–21), preproinsulin 101-110, is an epitope recognised by diabetogenic CD8 T cells; a research tool for studying the induction of type I diabetes.

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Catalogue number crb1000415
Molecular Weight 1246.3
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Purity >95%

Brosi et al., (2009). Processing in the endoplasmic reticulum generates an epitope on the insulin A chain that stimulates diabetogenic CD8 T cell responses. J. Immunol. Res.183(11): 7187. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.0901573.

Stifter et al., (2016). Exploring the induction of preproinsulin-specific Foxp3+ CD4+ Treg cells that inhibit CD8+ T cell-mediated autoimmune diabetes by DNA vaccination. Sci. Rep., 6(1): 1. doi: 10.1038/srep29419.

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Type I diabetes is an autoimmune condition caused by the destruction of insulin-producing β cells. The initiation mechanism is unclear but involves activating autoreactive T cells against the β-cell-specific antigen, insulin.

RIP-B7.1 mice express CD80 on pancreatic β cells and are a model for studying de novo induction of diabetogenic CD8 T cells. Immunization of RIP-B7.1 mice with preproinsulin (ppins)-encoding plasmid DNA induces experimental autoimmune diabetes (EAD). EAD is associated with significant induction of CD8 T cells specific for the (A12–21) restricted epitope leading to the destruction of β cells.

The Insulin A Chain (A12–21) epitope is recognised by pancreas-infiltrating CD8 T cells isolated from immunized, diabetic RIP-B7.1 mice as shown by flow cytometry. The Insulin A Chain (A12–21) epitope can also be used to stimulate inducible IFN- expression of ppins-primed CD8 T cells ex vivo as determined by flow cytometry. GFP fusion has shown the expression of insulin A chain (A12–21) epitope in HeLa cells.

Insulin A Chain (A12–21)

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