Flagellin 22 (flg22)


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Peptide from bacterial flagella, a potent elicitor of plant defences. FLS2 receptor agonist

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Catalogue number crb1000331
Molecular Weight 2272.48
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Aliase flg22
Purity >95%

Jelenska et al (2017) Flagellin peptide flg22 gains access to long-distance trafficking in Arabidopsis via its receptor, FLS2. J. Exp. Bot. 68(7) 1769 PMID: 28521013


Sano et al (2014) Light-dependent expression of flg22-induced defense genes in Arabidopsis. Front. Plant. Sci. 5 531 PMID: 25346742

Manufactured in: United Kingdom
Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Flagellin is a structural protein which forms the major portion of bacterial flagellar filaments. The N- and C-terminals of flagellin are highly conserved regions, whereas the central core can vary greatly between bacterial species. Flagellin 22 (flg22) is the stretch of amino acids most conserved across bacterial species and is located towards the N-terminal of the flagellin protein.

Flg22 is a potent elicitor of plant immune responses and is recognised in plants by the membrane bound leucine-rich repeat-receptor kinase FLAGELLIN SENSITIVE 2 (FLS2). Flg22 induces defence gene expression to trigger both local and systemic immune responses and is thus widely used in plant defence studies.

Flagellin 22 (flg22)

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