Exendin 3 (9-39) amide


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Truncated exendin-3 is a potent and selective glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor (GLP-1R) antagonist. This a 30 peptide sequence from the N terminal region.

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Catalogue number crb1000986
Molecular Weight 3367.7
Sequence (one letter code)


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Purity >95%
cas 133514-43-9
Storage -20°C

Raufman et al., (1991). Exendin-3, a novel peptide from the Heloderma horridum venom, interacts with vasoactive intestinal peptide receptors and a newly described receptor on dispersed acini from guinea pig pancreas. J.Biol.Chem., 266: 2897 PMID: 1704369.

Thorens et al., (1993). Cloning and functional expression of the human islet GLP-1 receptor. Demonstration that exendin-4 is an agonist and exendin-(9-39) an antagonist of the receptor. Diabetes, 42: 1678. PMID: 8405712.

Manufactured in: United Kingdom
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Originally identified in Heloderma horridum horridum (Mexican beaded lizard), exendin-3 shares homology with vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP), secretin, helospectin I and II and helodermin. Exendin-3 stimulates the increases in cellular cAMP levels and amylase release from pig pancreatic cells.

Truncated exendin-3 is a potent and selective GLP-1 receptor antagonist. It inhibits cAMP production and insulin release induced by GLP-1, exendin-3, and exendin-4. It also blocks the inhibitory effect of GLP-1 on food intake in rats.

Exendin 3 (9-39) amide

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