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Alpha-Casozepine (α-CZP) is an anxiolytic-like bioactive peptide derived from bovine αs1-casein. α-CZP has similar properties to benzodiazepines but lacks the side effects of habituation or sedation.

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Catalogue number crb1001691
Molecular Weight 1266.7
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Aliase α-CZP, αS1-casein
Purity >95%

Benoit et al., (2020). Anxiolytic activity and brain modulation pattern of the α-casozepine-derived pentapeptide YLGYL in mice. Nutrients, 12(5): 1497.

Benoit et al., (2022). The Anxiolytic-like Properties of a Tryptic Hydrolysate of Bovine αs1 Casein Containing α-Casozepine Rely on GABAA Receptor Benzodiazepine Binding Sites but Not the Vagus Nerve. Nutrients, 14(11): 2212. .

Manufactured in: United Kingdom
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Alpha-Casozepine (α-CZP) is a tryptic hydrolysate of bovine milk αs1-casein. The presence of bile salts facilitates α-CZP absorption through a Caco2 monolayer. α-CZP shows similarities to benzodiazepines with its anxiolytic-like activity but lack the common side effects of habituation or sedation. α-CZP binds to the GABAA receptor at the benzodiazepine site.  α-CZP binds with a significantly lower affinity than benzodiazepines.

Intraperitoneal administration of Alpha-Casozepine (α-CZP) to rodents results in anticonvulsant and sleep-protecting effects. Human administration reduces physiological stress symptoms in stressed and control patients. α-CZP modulated neuronal activity in brain regions linked to anxiety regulation in mice.


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