Ac-RLR-[Rh110]-[D-Pro] Ac-RLR-[Rh110]-[D-Pro]

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Fluorogenic substrate for trypsin-like activity. Contains a Rhodamine 110 molecule which will fluoresce upon peptide hydrolysis

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Application Data

Catalogue number crb1100532
Molecular Weight 894.5
Sequence (one letter code) Ac-RLR-[Rh110]-[D-Pro]
Sequence (three letter code)


Modifications Where Rh110 is Rhodamine 110
Purity >95%

Cundiff et al., (2019) Ubiquitin receptors are required for substrate-mediated activation of the proteasome’s unfolding ability. Sci Rep. 9: 14506. PMID: 31601863


Lacy et al., (2018). Identification of an Arg-Leu-Arg tripeptide that contributes to the binding interface between the cytokine MIF and the chemokine receptor CXCR4. Sci Rep. 8: 5171. PMID: 29581527


Manufactured in: United Kingdom
Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Fluorogenic substrate peptide to assay trypsin-like activity. In its intact state this peptide is non-fluorescent, however when the Rhodamine fluorophore is released upon hydrolysation, fluorescence can be detected. This peptide is therefore a useful tool for analysing trypsin-like enzyme activity.

The presence of the D-proline residue on the C terminal of the rhodamine molecule ensures one directional rhodamine cleavage which simplifies fluorescence studies. Rhodamine 110 is a laser grade fluorescent dye
with excitation maxima at 496 nm and emission maxima at 522 nm.


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