Anti-Kairi Virus (KRIV) Nucleocapsid antibody

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Recognises the viral capsid protein which encloses the nucleocapsids of Kairi Virus (KRIV)

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Application Data

Catalogue number crb2005080
Antibody Anti-Kairi Virus (KRIV) Nucleocapsid antibody
Antigen Peptide KLH conjugated synthetic peptide crb1200004
Protein ID UniProtKB - B8R6C1
Aliases KRIV
Cross-Reactivity Kairi Virus
Host Species Rabbit
Antibody Type Polyclonal
Concentration 1mg/ml
Validation WB/ELISA
Target Kairi Virus Nucleocapsid
Specificity Protein
Storage This material is supplied in PBS containing 0.01% sodium azide and 1% trehalose. The product should be stored at +4°C for short term storage and -20°C for long term storage. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

KRIV belongs to the Peribunyaviridae family of viruses (previously called Bunyaviridae). KRIV was first isolated from mosquito species in Trinidad including Aedes, Wyeomia, Culex and Psorophora spp. and has since been isolated from mosquitoes and vertebrates in Central and South America. Although between 6–18% of humans and up to 48% of horses have antibodies to KRIV, it does not cause any documented clinical disease symptoms in humans or animals. KRVI consists of three genome segments (called L [large], M [medium] and S [small]) which are encapsidated by the nucleocapsid (N) protein. These segments associate with the viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, the L protein, to form ribonucleoprotein complexes (RNP) termed nucleocapsids. RNPs are contained within a lipid envelope also containing the viral glycoproteins, Gn and Gc.

Anti-Kairi Virus (KRIV) Nucleocapsid antibody

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