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Western blot analysis of BHK-21 cells infected with a variety of orthobunyaviruses. The Anti- CVV Nucleocapsid antibody recognises nucleocapsid proteins in some members of the Bunyamwera serogroup.

 Lane 1: Cache valley virus (Bunyamwera)

Lane 2: Kairi virus (Bunyamwera)

Lane 3: Bunyamwera virus (Bunyamwera)

Lane 4: Batai virus (Bunyamwera)

Lane 5: M’poko virus (Turlock)

Lane 6: Tacaiuma virus (Anopheles A)

Lane 7: Bwamba virus (Bwamba)

Lane 8: Guama virus (Guama)

Lane 9: Eretmapodites virus (Nyando)

Lane 10: Akabane virus (Simbu)

Lane 11: Schmallenberg virus (Simbu)

Secondary: Goat anti-rabbit IgG conjugated to HRP dilution 1:2000

Western blot image provided courtesy of Dr Alain Kohl’s Laboratory